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The semolina

Semolina is the essential ingredient for the production of pasta.
We are committed to obtaining the right quantity and quality of gluten in our semolina, and we calibrate it in different grain sizes for different processes.

The re-milled semolina

Our regrinded semolina is obtained through a gradual grinding that preserves the scent and gold color of the Sicilian wheat. Discover our range of semolina for bakery and pizza.

Cous cous

Sicilian cuisine that embraces the Arab culture. In Sicily, couscous dishes are a tradition celebrated every year at the prestigious San Vito Lo Capo festival.

The integrals

Medical and nutritional research has shown that the right amount of fiber in the daily diet helps prevent diseases of the digestive system. Wholemeal flours bring all the richness and flavor of durum wheat to the table. Wholemeal for Pasta Wholemeal for Bread and Pizza.

The special ones

Stone milled
Stone-milled flours of ancient Sicilian grains such as Timilia, Russello and Perciasacchi, which represent the Sicilian-Mediterranean biodiversity and are the result of selections of millenary tradition.

Genuinamente freschi