Our History

a generation of wheat

A long time ago...

Molino Bonura was founded in 1948 by Salvatore Bonura, who dedicated his entire life and his efforts to the creation and growth of the mill, this commitment has earned him the honor of the italian honoreficence of Cavaliere del Lavoro (Knight of labour)
Following in his footsteps, his son Giuseppe and today his grandchildren, Salvatore and Dario are constantly trying to maintain a common thread between tradition and innovation, both necessary to obtain a high standard of product.Even today, after almost 70 years of activity, thanks to the experience of three generations of millers, Molino Bonura continues the ritual of transforming wheat into semolina and flour, which will then become the bread and pasta that ends on our table.

The wheat

The miller knows that his work begins with the careful choice of the raw materials.
Over time, our rigorous research on grain blends has led us to a careful selection of the best grains of the Sicilian cereal chain.
The durum wheat of Sicily, which boasts an incredible varietal richness of ancient tradition, has an inestimable added value: thanks to our microclimate, the resulting wheat has low humidity, which leads to a minor exposure to the attack of molds and therefore to the almost total absence of dangerous mycotoxins.

The innovation

Today Molino Bonura uses a plant with cutting-edge technology with the introduction of the most modern machinery in the grinding diagram:
The objective that drives us in the innovation process is the constant will to improve, especially in regards to consumer safety and respect for the environment.
With a careful eye to the role that nutrition plays in maintaining a physical well-being, Molino Bonura, together with universities and research institutions, is working on the development of new products that have a preventive effect on health, in the context of so-called “functional foods”.